Trending Now: Autumn/Winter Mens Styles

Recently we’ve noticed our male clients becoming more experimental with length and weight lines in their haircuts.

This has been driven by an increased desire for something unique (rather than looking like everyone else), which makes autumn/winter 2014 all about ‘you’!

These are some of our favorite looks that we’ve been seeing this season.

All of these hairstyles can be mixed up and adjusted to your particular needs and/or hair type, and some of them can even be worn if your hair is receding, too:

reds-350x550Modern Short Back & Sideshairaw2

This is a very modern, versatile haircut that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Here, the back and sides have been clippered on a number one grade, which is nice and tight to expose the scalp. We can see from the image that the hair is faded below the curve of the head; this is perfect for guys with longer face shapes as it helps balance their features. If you wanted, the hair could be clippered higher into the curve of the head to produce a much more dramatic look.

The hair has been point cut with scissors through the top to accentuate texture and movement. Once dried, the style has probably been texturised further by point cutting deeper into the hair, creating a ‘shattered’ finish.




bt-350x550Dramatic Blunt Cuthairaw

The model in the image has got extremely thick hair, but this hairstyle actually suits a wide variety of hair types and face shapes.

We can see that the hair has again been clippered tight using a number one grade through the back and sides (a huge trend currently), while the top has been taken quite high into the crown area and left thick and chunky, creating almost a solid block effect.

The sides have been connected/blended using the clipper over comb technique or by simply increasing the clipper guard lengths. As we need the top to look as thick as possible, I would blunt cut this section and maybe point cut a little towards the front to give some support to the pompadour/quiff fringe.

If your crown has a tendency to stick up when it’s cut, there are two things you can do: leave more length around the area as the weight will pull it down, or take the clippers higher and the crown area shorter – this will help maintain the balance of the haircut as the front needs to look longer than the back for the style to work.



rok5-350x550The Skin Fadehairaw3

This is a very popular, current haircut. We can see that the sides have been taken even shorter than in the previous two hairstyles; this is classed as a skin fade, where the hair pretty much disappears into the hairline.

As the model has a fairly long face shape, the stylist has chosen not to take the fade too high into the curve of the head. This can all be discussed in your consultation, but it’s important to bear in mind that it will create an extreme aesthetic if the clipper work goes any higher.

The hair has been point cut short around the crown this time, then, working forward, over directed and pulled back towards the crown to maintain length at the front. As you can see at the temples, the stylist has chosen to leave a small amount of hair, which is a great way of hiding a receding hairline while strengthening the shape around the front.

If you are considering a similar style, you could always create a bolder look by having thicker weaves or going lighter in colour. On the other hand, if you wanted to be slightly more discreet, opt for finer weaves or use a darker colour.



theundercut2The Undercuthairaw4

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of men asking for undercuts this season. This is down to guys choosing to grow more length through the top but still wanting to keep the sides nice and tight.

The above images both have quite a lot of length through the top, which can be hard for people to get used to – we would only suggest growing your hair like this if you’re willing to spend time styling it each day.

This style can suit many face shapes, but try to avoid letting it get too wide at the sides as it will make your hair (and face) look rounder. In the images above, the stylist has clippered the sides the same length, using a grade one up to where the undercut ends.

The hair through the top section can then either be razored (great for taking weight out of thicker hair) or point cut with scissors to create texture.



ANON65-350x550The Contrast Weight Lineweightline

This image shows just how extreme these type of hairstyles can get, and we personally think they look great with more length on top.

Here the back and sides have been clippered to a skin fade. The weight line is pretty heavy on this model (where the hair ends and clippering starts) and has been created by using the clipper over comb technique.

This is an excellent look for guys with naturally wavy or curly hair, with the hairstyle all about showing off movement in the cut. It’s also perfect for men with unruly crowns as we can see there is still a lot of length (and therefore weight) around this area to keep it under control.

The heavy weight line on the side, combined with the tight clippered edges, gives this haircut good contrast from top to bottom.

Source: Fashion Beans

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