Summer Hair Care With Rene Furterer

Frizz. Humidity. Salt-water and chlorine. Summer is almost over and while there is still plenty of time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the pool or beach, ooh, how it can hurt your lovely locks of hair.
Being in Savannah, we know all too well how the humidity and heat can wreak havoc on the hair-but fear not ! Our master stylist Russell Kern has a  few tricks up his sleeve, with some great how-to care tips on getting your hair back into beautiful condition for the fall, all with the help of our line of Rene Furterer products
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  • Sun Care Protective Oil: “ Hair is naturally porous and absorbs anything and everything” says Kern. “Think of your hair like a sponge: when you dip into the ocean, all that salt water gets soaked into your hair, weakening it.”   By putting the protective oil, you keep your tresses protected from all the elements. This product is recommended for coarser hair.


  • Sun Care Protective Summer Fluid: Another leave-in formula, the sun care protective summer fluid locks in moisture to the hair cuticle. “A great formula if you want a softer look” says Kern. “This is the same as the protective oil but for  fine to normal texture .”


  • Sun Care No-Rinse Moisturizing Spray: Another leave in product that like the title states, requires no rinse, hydrates and detangles, letting you keep the beach glow, without the tangle and tear. Great for all types of hair  and conditions your locks without leaving them feeling heavy or flat.


  • Sun Care Nourishing After Sun Shampoo: Unlike most things, this product actually offers a way to shampoo your troubles away. For the moments when you took a dip in the pool and now your hair is dry and lifeless, this shampoo nourishes your beaten tresses and combats hair damage by removing chlorine, salt, and the other nasty build-ups.


  • Sun Care Repairing After Sun Mask: Sun damaged hair needs big-time help and what better way than with a keratin based deep conditioner that restores and softens your locks? Leave on for 2-5 minutes after your shampoo for some seriously nourishing conditioning.  “ This is a great conditioner and it’s so thick – it’s made with palm butter, so it’s a rich formula that really just gets drunk up in your locks” says Kern.


We love the Furterer line, not only because they are made from natural ingredients , but also because because they are sourced ethically. Shea butter is one of the foundation ingredients in Furterer’s line and Furterer was determined to source it in a way that was sustainable and able to provide growth to those who would harvest it. Furterer employs over 200 women in the shea production unit in Burkina Faso as part of SOTOKACC, an organization founded by Nathalie Ouattara, who is committed to the social and economic development of the women of her village. Between Furterer and Ouattara’s work, not only can you feel good about your hair, you can feel good about where your product is coming from.
So whether you are beating chlorine or washing away the salty sea, we’ve got you covered – not only do we carry Rene Furterer Sun Care in house, but we’ve got Russell here for any of your styling needs.


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